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What to Do After Inheriting a House

Inheriting a house is a complicated procedure, usually following the loss of a loved one. Once all those paperwork and documents have been put in order, you still have to deal with your inheritance. But what can you do with such a property? Not everyone has the resources or inclination to keep an extra house, and you may be tempted to dispose of the property right away. Before you can consider things like renting out or even the sale of an inherited house, you need to go through a few crucial steps. By doing so, you avoid encountering legal or financial difficulties in the future.

1. Do you share the property with anyone?

You need to find out if you have sole control over the property you intend to manage. Many scenarios could result in you not having total control over the inherited house you intend to rent or sell.

For example, if the deceased owner of the property died without a will, or intestate, dividing the property falls to the courts and could result in a split. Some relatives will have different places in succession, which can muddy the waters regarding who has final say about the property. Determining whether you can move into or sell the house you inherited goes a long way in keeping out of trouble.

2. Consider your finances

Although Florida has no estate or inheritance taxes, the cost of keeping a second house can be astronomical. This is particularly true if the house came attached with a large mortgage. You have to factor in the financial aspect that owning a second house entails. You also have to consider your financial situation.

Can you afford to keep a second house? Are your sources of income already stretched thin by your current expenses? If so, you may be better served by selling the house you inherited.

3. Decide on a Course of Action

Once you’re certain that you’re the sole owner of the house and you’re aware of your financial situation, settle on what you’re going to do with the house. You have three reasonable options: sell the house, rent it out, or move into the house.

Selling. This is the best process if you want to get rid of the property. Although you can partner with a real estate agency, selling your new property through an agent takes a lot of time. This could be an issue if you need money quickly. Home buying companies provide a much quicker option if you don’t know how to sell an inherited house quickly.

Renting. Provided you have the resources to maintain the property, renting out your second house is a great way to create another income. However, get ready to either hire a superintendent or prepare to do the maintenance yourself. • Moving In. If you’ve been looking for a home of your own, moving into your inherited property is the perfect solution. Provided that the property is fully paid and there are no outstanding financial obligations, all you need to do is to complete the rest of this list before you can settle into your new home.

4. Clean Out the House

No matter which course of action you decide, you’ll need to clear the house of its contents. You can sort these into two categories: sentimental and disposable.

Sentimental: These are items that you can’t throw away because they have deep emotional value. Store them properly on-site or put them in a storage locker for safekeeping. •Disposable: These are items you can get rid of because they’re broken or you have no space for them. Consider donating useable items or throwing a garage sale. Find ways to upcycle items that are too damaged for resale.

5. Check for Damage

The final stage is to check if the house needs any kind of structural repairs. Removing old furniture and similar materials helps you clear the home and could expose hidden damage. You can hire a professional examiner to do this for you, but you could give the structure a thorough search of your own.

Beware of the following types of damage: • Any exposed or frayed electrical wiring • Leaking water features or plumbing • Cracked support columns anywhere in the house • Unstable ceiling beams or similar damage • Damage to the ceiling or roofing material

Everything about owning a home can be hard work: acquiring it, maintaining it, and even disposing of it.

But having a home is all about the work. It’s the work that makes a house warm, safe, and comfortable. If you don’t think you have what it takes to put in the work, find someone who can turn your inherited house into a place of their own.

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