how to sell house with lien

Do you want to know how to sell house with lien? This is one of the most popular questions in the real estate industry. Sell Your House That Is With Lien. Many homeowners are aware that government representatives collect property taxes every year. If a homeowner fails to pay those taxes for whatever reasons, a tax lien will be placed on the property. When those taxes remain unpaid for years, lien continues to grow because of interest and penalties. So what will happen next? What will happen if you don’t pay?

Once a year in Orlando, the county will conduct a tax certificate sell process. They will sell your lien to investors that will charge you up to 18% interest to pay off your lien within 2 years. If you’re still not able to pay off the lien then it will be on a Tax Deed auction. They will sell your Orlando house and pay off the lien certificate to the initial investor. At this point you will lose all claims to your house.

If you prefer to sell your home, there are a few things to do so that the transaction is faster. Make sure that your property is clean and appealing. It is essential to attract prospective buyers who will most likely check the property. Even if it is a little bit expensive to have minor repairs, you can proceed in doing it. After all, staging your home is one of the important factors in selling it quickly. You should update your kitchen area, bathroom and outdoor spaces.

Aside from that, don’t forget to promote your home to your social media accounts. Since the goal is to sell the property quickly to solve the tax lien issue, you should let others know immediately.

As an alternative, you can also find cash home investors who are willing to buy your home in its present condition. Lastly, your first step is to research about reliable cash home buyers in your area by reading valuable reviews about them. That’s one way to know how to sell house with lien, too.